Sunday, January 22, 2017


Sunday- Met up with Sakina to discuss the Instagram challenge and just catch up.  It was great seeing her.  Went to the school for a 2nd grade PTO meeting.

Monday- PTC at work, long day.  Nothing to exciting. My husband set up dual screens for me at work.

Tuesday- First day of Dual Credit classes and the beginning of my "babysitting" the students, while they are in class.

Wednesday- More classes with dual credit kiddos and a late night at work.  I made a deep crack in the unpacking of my office.  I have been working surrounded by boxes and on rickety tables since the 2nd.  I made 7,900 steps just a work.

Thursday- More dual credit. Started the blog.  Dinner with the family at Chuy's. It was fun seeing everyone and catching up.  Sahara needs a few things for when she has the baby, she gave me a list.

Friday- My office is almost finished I still need a few things to get it done,  but I am happier I can work.

Saturday- Just relaxing at home being lazy.  Hubby set up a desktop at home, playing games.  Updated the blog with a "Top 10" List.

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