Thursday, January 19, 2017

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time.......

I use to write a blog, it was hosted here on blogger as well, I called it "Journey to Myself".  It was a blog I started after having weight loss surgery & I use to keep up with it, had  a few followers, but I let some Negative Nancy's get the best of me and I quit blogging.

Fast forward a few years, and I started a blog on WordPress with a friend called "Knitting Our Way to Peace" It started as a labor of love for the both of us, but then life/tragedy happened and it just didn't keep going.  That blog is still up; though silent. Knitting Our Way to Peace did spin off a  Ravelry group by the same name, that is still going strong despite our lack of input.

Now I have embarked on another journey with my friend Sakina, we have an end goal in mind. I will link HER blog in the side bar so those interested can follow her as well.

I now have time through May at least to dedicate to this blog and my writing endeavors.

You see I am a Vice-Principal at a small private school here in Texas, this private school is a rather conservative school where we have boys and girls separate in Middle School and High School. So that being said, we also do Dual Credit with our local community college, so with our conservative families they don't want their High School students on a college campus with out supervision. So each day I get an hour and half of ME time. While I wait for students to finish their classes and rendezvous with me at the end of the hall.

So I am going to take this time to cultivate this blog.

My focus will be on my Journey to Peace & Patience, as well as other aspects of my life, and on our journey with our goal.

Things to look forward to.

1. We have an Instagram challenge coming up in February.
2. A Google Forms Survey coming up

That's all the teaser you are going to get.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with all of you.

Thanks for Stopping by.

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  1. I was so excited when I saw this! Can't wait to read more.