Friday, January 20, 2017

Blog Topics to Look Forward To

WeeklyReview:  Just a week in review.  Everything and anything, that has happened this week.

Another Topic. I am playing with is Random Thoughts. Things that come to my mind. They could develop into a full topic at a later date.

Travel, I have a few travel plans coming up this year so you can expect me to write about it here as well. Travelling with the Knitting Misfits.  food

Journaling/Planning. The How's and Why's I Journal and Plan. Why I am coming back to it now, after a rocky couple of decades.

The Misfits I will talk about my adventures with the Knitting Misfits what kinds of shenanigans we are getting up to outside of our travel adventures.

Books I am trying to get back into reading.  So I will try to get at least my reading wish list posted here in some shape or form.

Meals  What are we eating?  I am learning to cook more Indian food.  So this will be my struggle with learning the spices and the spice blends.  I have spent the last 20+ years cooking Mediterranean foods. So this is a big change for me.   But a challenge I am up for. 

I am also hoping to up my photography game.

I think that about covers it. What ya think about that?????

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