Sunday, May 20, 2018

7days Post-op

So... Yesterday and today I went out.

Yesterday Saturday 5/19 I went to see my grandson and played with him a little.  Just being around him made me happy. Then hubby and I went shopping and I stopped to get some Pho minus all the goodies just the clear yummy broth.  Lasted me 4 meals and was only a little over $6

Today 5/20
I went to my English Paper Piecing (EPP) Club at a local quilt shop that meets once a month on Sunday.  I enjoyed that. Then hubby and I went to get some fruits for me infuse water with it was a good day all in all. 

My emotional level is a little low.  I feel weak, I know it is from lack of nutrients. 

This week I have a follow-up with my surgeon on Thursday and the following week I go start with my dietician/nutritionist. Which I have found out everyone just calls a nutritionist or NUT.  I was a little confused.  My daughter (a nurse) who works with people with severe eating disorders (she's a psych nurse) told me I had to work make sure my "nut" was a registered dietician so I followed her orders.  This had been the original plan get the band out and work with a dietician. So I am sticking with the plan.  Just not the plan I had imagined.

Still dealing with the emotions of this not being exactly ideal but I'm coming to terms with it. Slowly.

Current Stats
Lapband to ByPass 5/14/18
HW 325
SW 221
CW 214
GW 158

Friday, May 18, 2018

Super Emotional

Ok, I went for a walk this afternoon and became super emotional afterward. I cried for like 5mins. CRAZY!!! So I jumped on to a support group I joined on facebook and heard that I am not alone it's normal.

I got a lot of advice and support. Made me feel better, and I decided to just let it come.

The one thing that I'm not grieving is the loss of food.  I haven't really been able to eat much for the past 14 years because of the band so the lack of food is not an issue.  I don't feel cut off from that relationship that happened years ago.  I want that relationship back as a matter of fact in a healthy way. 

I have gone months without being able to eat anything without pain.  At least now I can drink tea and have some broth and it doesn't hurt my stomach. Literally, everything I was putting in hurt.

I understand what the people who are going through that feel because I did feel that as well at the beginning of my lapband journey in 2004. 

This journey, MY journey is different.

I promise when I feel better more up to it I will search for those pre-surgery 2004 pics of me and one current one of me.

Today I restarted my Fitbit

My goal for awhile is 3000 steps a day that is 250 steps every hour or so...My FitBit reminds me to walk.

As a matter of fact, I am going out for a walk now. My husband just came home from prayers. So someone will know where I am.

Goodnight from day 4 post surgery

P.S. They tell me it gets better!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Journey Begins

So 14 years ago, I started a journey that didn't pan out so well.  I had a gastric lapband put in. 14 years of throwing up almost 4 time or more per week.  I did loose weight with the band I'm not gonna lie and I did maintain at 221-225 for the past 10 or so years.  But after my 50th birthday in February things started to go really south.  I had constant constipation, I could not eat anything without it hurting.  I was in pain.

My family convinced me to get the band taken out. So I consulted a doctor...who turned out to be kinda of a flake.  Needless to say that didn't pan out.  So I contacted one of the big names here in Dallas and made an appointment to see him and discuss my treatment plan. 

Turns out it was a good thing I went to see him.  He sent me for an EDG on Tuesday May 8th and by Friday everything had pretty much gone to Hell in a hand basket.

So today Thursday May 17th at 6:54am I sit in a hospital chair beside my bed writing this post. 

Monday May 14th

I had the lap band removed and a gastric by pass done. 

So this is my beginning.  I came into the hospital weighing 221lbs.

My goal it work with a dietitian and lose the remainder of my unhealthy weight.

What I had intended to do was to just have the lapband out but due to complications beyond our control it was medically necessary to have the bypass.

I'm tired and sore right now and feeling very gassy.

In the 14 years since I had the lapband there have many significant changes in my life.
1. I got divorced from a bad emotional marriage
2. I remarried a very kind loving man. Who loves me for me and I love him for him My Bestfriend
3. I'm a grandma to the most adorable little boy in the world

I feel like I am in a much better place to start over Maintaining ME. 
The Doctor told me it was time to get selfish and put myself first.  So here I am trying to do just that.

I will insert a before pic here, of where I started in 2004 if I can find it.  A pic of me today, when I get a chance to get out of this hospital gown and I will keep you posted on my journey.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Sunday- Met up with Sakina to discuss the Instagram challenge and just catch up.  It was great seeing her.  Went to the school for a 2nd grade PTO meeting.

Monday- PTC at work, long day.  Nothing to exciting. My husband set up dual screens for me at work.

Tuesday- First day of Dual Credit classes and the beginning of my "babysitting" the students, while they are in class.

Wednesday- More classes with dual credit kiddos and a late night at work.  I made a deep crack in the unpacking of my office.  I have been working surrounded by boxes and on rickety tables since the 2nd.  I made 7,900 steps just a work.

Thursday- More dual credit. Started the blog.  Dinner with the family at Chuy's. It was fun seeing everyone and catching up.  Sahara needs a few things for when she has the baby, she gave me a list.

Friday- My office is almost finished I still need a few things to get it done,  but I am happier I can work.

Saturday- Just relaxing at home being lazy.  Hubby set up a desktop at home, playing games.  Updated the blog with a "Top 10" List.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Top 10 Gratitude List

In this day & age it is hard to be grateful everyday, and even harder to express that gratitude.  Being negative and destructive seems to be the norm.  I find myself falling into this trap. So when Sakina posted her top 10 on her blog yesterday, I thought why not, take a moment and think about what it is I am grateful for.  It wasn't easy.  I think I am going to take a tip from Sakina & think about what I am grateful for each day and jot those things down each day.  I think that is a wonderful idea.  So now without further a do here is my top 10.

1. God.  HE is the reason that we are all here and to whom we should be the most grateful.  He has seen to it that my life has gone in the direction that it has.  He has given me so much.  Without him and my faith that he knows all the answers I could not survive.

2. Husband  He is my BFF, my coffee partner, ardent supporter of all my shenanigans both professional and personal. 

3. Family  We are small,,,but we have a deep love for each other.  My children are grown, and live their own lives and are making their own decisions about life.  I am very proud of them and happy to call them mine.  We will have a new member in our family in late March/Early April and He will be very well loved.

4. Friends.  I think I have the best group of friends a girl can have.  We travel well together, spend great times together, and thoroughly enjoy each others company, I feel blessed to have them in my life.

5. Hobby  I have many hobbies most of which revolve around string.  Without this hobby I feel like I would have gone crazy many times.  My hobbies are my relief and relaxation time.

6. Coffee  Yes I am very grateful for coffee.   It is what brought my husband and I together, for that I am very thankful to this delicious beverage.  Hunting down new local coffee shops where ever we go is one of our favorite things to do.

7. Chocolate   Hello FEMALE

8. Our Cat she is a source of great pleasure.  She makes me laugh because she is just plain weird.

9. Gilmore Girls streaming on Netflix.  Just because I can tune in or tune out with something fun and familiar when my mind just needs to go nowhere in the evening after a long day at work.  I can walk away don't need to pause it, come back and not be lost.  Recently watching I heard something that I hadn't ever caught before, a historical snipe from Michel to Kirk.  Hilarious!!! Plus it reminds me of being curled up in my bed watching it with my girls on ABC Family every afternoon after school.

10. A good book.  The kind where you can loose yourself for hours and get really pissed off when you finish. Because it's over, and now you gotta find another good book.

Well that was not too bad.   I did actually come up with 10 things that I am grateful for.  Please share something you are grateful for, come up with your own top 10 is rather satisfying, when you give it some thought and complete the list.   As mentioned above I do think I will give Sakina's idea some thought.  And if you want to read her Gratitude List  the link to her blog is on the right. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Blog Topics to Look Forward To

WeeklyReview:  Just a week in review.  Everything and anything, that has happened this week.

Another Topic. I am playing with is Random Thoughts. Things that come to my mind. They could develop into a full topic at a later date.

Travel, I have a few travel plans coming up this year so you can expect me to write about it here as well. Travelling with the Knitting Misfits.  food

Journaling/Planning. The How's and Why's I Journal and Plan. Why I am coming back to it now, after a rocky couple of decades.

The Misfits I will talk about my adventures with the Knitting Misfits what kinds of shenanigans we are getting up to outside of our travel adventures.

Books I am trying to get back into reading.  So I will try to get at least my reading wish list posted here in some shape or form.

Meals  What are we eating?  I am learning to cook more Indian food.  So this will be my struggle with learning the spices and the spice blends.  I have spent the last 20+ years cooking Mediterranean foods. So this is a big change for me.   But a challenge I am up for. 

I am also hoping to up my photography game.

I think that about covers it. What ya think about that?????

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time.......

I use to write a blog, it was hosted here on blogger as well, I called it "Journey to Myself".  It was a blog I started after having weight loss surgery & I use to keep up with it, had  a few followers, but I let some Negative Nancy's get the best of me and I quit blogging.

Fast forward a few years, and I started a blog on WordPress with a friend called "Knitting Our Way to Peace" It started as a labor of love for the both of us, but then life/tragedy happened and it just didn't keep going.  That blog is still up; though silent. Knitting Our Way to Peace did spin off a  Ravelry group by the same name, that is still going strong despite our lack of input.

Now I have embarked on another journey with my friend Sakina, we have an end goal in mind. I will link HER blog in the side bar so those interested can follow her as well.

I now have time through May at least to dedicate to this blog and my writing endeavors.

You see I am a Vice-Principal at a small private school here in Texas, this private school is a rather conservative school where we have boys and girls separate in Middle School and High School. So that being said, we also do Dual Credit with our local community college, so with our conservative families they don't want their High School students on a college campus with out supervision. So each day I get an hour and half of ME time. While I wait for students to finish their classes and rendezvous with me at the end of the hall.

So I am going to take this time to cultivate this blog.

My focus will be on my Journey to Peace & Patience, as well as other aspects of my life, and on our journey with our goal.

Things to look forward to.

1. We have an Instagram challenge coming up in February.
2. A Google Forms Survey coming up

That's all the teaser you are going to get.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with all of you.

Thanks for Stopping by.