Friday, July 13, 2018

Made it to ONEderland and other things

Well, I can see a few people come by the blog occasionally.  No one leaves me comments and that's ok. I have gotten a couple on my Instagram where I update that I have a new blog post.

But this week I made it to ONEderland.  I'm officially in the 100's in weight. No more two in front.

STATS Lapband to Bypass
HW 325
SW 221
CW 194.3 YAY 
GW 158

41lbs to go.

I keep thinking to myself.  It's crazy to have a bypass for that small amount of weight.  But it was a medical necessity I keep reminding myself of that.

As promised this is me at my highest weight!!!!  325lbs.  I honestly can't believe that is me.  I get very emotional seeing this. 
Still having trouble getting all the water in daily! It truly sucks! But I have been eating three meals a day for the past 3days and that feels amazing.  

I joined 28day challenge she sends out weekly meal plans during the and I am hoping to keep this trend going and learn new recipes as I go along.  Learning ways to make the meals I cook healthier and cleaner. 

I'm enjoying the challenge and the people I have met in this group better than the ones I have met in some of the other groups.  

Thanks to whoever reads these blog post. 

Until next time

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

One Month Out

So I have survived a month! I am now on soups, which I am quickly getting bored of.  Someone I follow on instagram just posted a recipe for Arroz Caldo and I think I'm gonna give that a go, and maybe make some homemade ramen this weekend and see how those go down. A nice brothy ramen with an egg and some veg and some chicken.  YES!!!! OK so now I'm not feeling to bad about soup!

So this week I had a good experience, my husband I have a membership to LA Fitness with our Insurance it works out really cheap and we have access to any club near us we are not stuck at one club and it works if we move or travel if there is an LA Fitness we can go.  So I got this before my surgery hoping to get over there and start working out, however.....I got really sick and didn't have the energy for going. But this week I did make it to the Gym.  I have done a mile on the treadmill, baked in the sauna and had a nice shower.  I was kinda testing the waters so to speak.  I did great, Then....a set back that lasted me through yesterday but today I am feeling ok, and think I will go again when hubby gets home from work, if not I do have a plan for Saturday to go to an aqua fit class because, YES I was cleared for it.  NOT cleared for yoga yet, but by August they said I should be good to go.  They don't want me doing anything that is too ab focused.  Let all that inside stuff heal well. I think they lean a little too much on the cautious side but...I will be compliant and not do anything ab focused until August.

So since the last post I have seen my General Practioner, he was happy with my BP and BG  numbers and agrees with my surgeon, no more diabetes meds for now.  BP we are gonna keep an eye on. I am waiting for him to post my stats and get back with me concerning they Hypothyroid issue. Which he didn't see in January, and they caught at the hospital.

I also had my first visit with the dietician, I liked her, she is very practical.  We are not counting calories we are counting grams of protein I am supposed to be getting in each day and keep trying to get enough water in each day. I go back to see her in August after I have been on a normal diet for a month.  Then we will discuss meal plans and everything.

I did start a food journal. I got the happy planner fitness/health planner I think it is called.  Been doing pretty good at keeping up with that.

I have had a couple of bad days, since last time I posted.  I don't know if it was dumping syndrome or what, but the first time I had some white bean stew and that went down like a rock I was in pain for what seemed like hours, the second time was a riced cauliflower soup that went down hard as well.
Nothing that would immediately call to mind dumping syndrome. (ie Sugar) But boy.....the symptoms were the very same as dumping syndrome.  But could have been severe gas as well. IDK!!!!! It's hard to say, and something I will need to discuss with my doctor when I next see him.  So avoiding those two things for awhile.

Lapband to Bypass 5/14/18
HW 325
SW 221
CW 205
GW 158

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hanging in there.

First I wanna start out by saying that in my first post I said I would post a picture of me at my highest weight, but I can't seem to find them.  I've put them somewhere "safe", and don't remember the safe place.  Typical.

But I will put in a picture of me in April 2018

This is me at 222lbs. 

These were taken at a Day Quilting Retreat with one of my best friends aka partner in crime.  She is a great support and I love her like a sister. 

So this is where I am starting over.

STATS as of Today

Lapband to Bypass 5/14/18
HW 325
SW 221
CW 208
GW 158

I saw my surgeon today, and they removed the drain!!!!!  I'm very happy about that and put me on Protonix to keep the stomach acid down, I was having pain and issues with putting anything in my stomach. That has seemed to help because tonight I am able to eat....well drink my protein, without pain. He thinks once I start with something a little more solid that issue will go away.

Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose is all within Normal range and has been since I came home post-op.

Still emotional, and can cry at the drop of a hat.  But I'm dealing with that by just letting it happen.  Just letting it flow! 
I told a friend today that I didn't want to make a flosstube video because it is highly likely I could seriously cry over cross stitch.  NO ONE wants to see that.

So that's my update for now.  Thanks to everyone who reads these ramblings of mine!  I appreciate the comments you have made, as well as the support.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

14days Post-op

So I had my first follow up with my doctor/surgeon.  That's different.  I think I went to the surgery center to get my staples out after lap band, or maybe they did while I was in the hospital afterward. Either way I didn't see my surgeon again after the hospital stay.

I go back in again on Tuesday to see him.  Hopefully to get the drain removed, aka the grenade (it looks like a clear grenade without the pin) 

I have three appointments this week one with the surgeon, one with my GP, they called because they heard I had surgery and wanted to touch base and schedule a follow up too. The doctor I had when I first moved to Dallas, whom I loved never followed up with me after surgery, so this was unexpected.

Thursday I meet with the Dietician, I'm actually looking forward to this one! 

I still feel tired and weak, but I'm beginning to get around a little more.  I think adding the protein drinks has added to my energy level, and I have started drinking electrolyte water because I was feeling dehydrated and I can't have Gatorade right now.

On June 4th I get to start healthier soups, with chunks in it! Looking forward to that I have already started menu planning.  I found some soup recipes for two. Because I have difficulty making small batches of soup. 

Oh and my daughter went with me to my Dr. appointment with the surgeon and we discussed the rapid weight loss.  I have already dropped like 14 lbs in a very short amount of time, it didn't' seem like that was good.  She would lose weight on the diet that I am on too if she were to do it but not likely to lose as much.  So we were both concerned at the rate.  Turns out it is normal.  I'm a little overwhelmed by it.  Seems like so much so fast.

 That's it for now. Until next time!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

7days Post-op

So... Yesterday and today I went out.

Yesterday Saturday 5/19 I went to see my grandson and played with him a little.  Just being around him made me happy. Then hubby and I went shopping and I stopped to get some Pho minus all the goodies just the clear yummy broth.  Lasted me 4 meals and was only a little over $6

Today 5/20
I went to my English Paper Piecing (EPP) Club at a local quilt shop that meets once a month on Sunday.  I enjoyed that. Then hubby and I went to get some fruits for me infuse water with it was a good day all in all. 

My emotional level is a little low.  I feel weak, I know it is from lack of nutrients. 

This week I have a follow-up with my surgeon on Thursday and the following week I go start with my dietician/nutritionist. Which I have found out everyone just calls a nutritionist or NUT.  I was a little confused.  My daughter (a nurse) who works with people with severe eating disorders (she's a psych nurse) told me I had to work make sure my "nut" was a registered dietician so I followed her orders.  This had been the original plan get the band out and work with a dietician. So I am sticking with the plan.  Just not the plan I had imagined.

Still dealing with the emotions of this not being exactly ideal but I'm coming to terms with it. Slowly.

Current Stats
Lapband to ByPass 5/14/18
HW 325
SW 221
CW 214
GW 158

Friday, May 18, 2018

Super Emotional

Ok, I went for a walk this afternoon and became super emotional afterward. I cried for like 5mins. CRAZY!!! So I jumped on to a support group I joined on facebook and heard that I am not alone it's normal.

I got a lot of advice and support. Made me feel better, and I decided to just let it come.

The one thing that I'm not grieving is the loss of food.  I haven't really been able to eat much for the past 14 years because of the band so the lack of food is not an issue.  I don't feel cut off from that relationship that happened years ago.  I want that relationship back as a matter of fact in a healthy way. 

I have gone months without being able to eat anything without pain.  At least now I can drink tea and have some broth and it doesn't hurt my stomach. Literally, everything I was putting in hurt.

I understand what the people who are going through that feel because I did feel that as well at the beginning of my lapband journey in 2004. 

This journey, MY journey is different.

I promise when I feel better more up to it I will search for those pre-surgery 2004 pics of me and one current one of me.

Today I restarted my Fitbit

My goal for awhile is 3000 steps a day that is 250 steps every hour or so...My FitBit reminds me to walk.

As a matter of fact, I am going out for a walk now. My husband just came home from prayers. So someone will know where I am.

Goodnight from day 4 post surgery

P.S. They tell me it gets better!